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Despiria [NTSC-J] [Japan] [445 MB] [Megaupload]

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Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Format Image: CDI
Status: Full
Language: Japan
Region: NTSC-J
Publisher: Atlus 
Release Data: 2000
Rar Size: 445 MB

deSPIRIA is a very odd game. From what I've seen so far I gather that your main character (the woman on the cover) is under the influence of some sort of drug. The story starts as she's traveling on a train somewhere. The next thing you know she's sniffing some sort of purple slug type thing up her nose. She then becomes all delusional and drops to the floor with blood pouring from her nose. Next the train crashes and it's from here the game starts. It's all set in the typical cyber punk futuristic setting which gives deSPIRIA that wonderful atmosphere but unfortunately the game is very heavy in the Japanese text department making it virtually unplayable to people who can't understand Japanese. I wish someone would translate these types of games so that western players are given the opportunity to try something new but since that will never happen I'm afraid most of you will have to miss out in what looks like a good game.

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Вот описание на русском , очень понравилось . … mp;pid=227


Вы здесь » Sega Console Games » RPG » Despiria [NTSC-J] [Japan] [445 MB] [Megaupload]